For starter

Carpaccio de lomo

 Marinado en hierbas, pickles, flores, oliva extra virgen, balsámico, mostaza dijón, parmesano y rúcula.

Berenjena asada, pepino, tomate cherry albahaca, tahine y balsámico.
Heart sweetbreads and lemon
Grilled provolone cheese, arugula and red pepper
Burrata, arugula and raw ham
Ham and cheese board

Pork salami, prosciutto, bacon and raw ham, grouyere cheese, sardo cheese, pepato cheese and parmesano cheese

Hand cutted meat pastie
Blue cheese and mozzarella pastie
Pork sausage

Grilled and serverd in french bread, fresh lettuce, tomato, criolla and chimichurri sauces

Soup of the day


Thin skirt steak
T-bone steak
Sirloin steak
Sirloin steak 400 gr
Rib eye steak
Smoked boneless pork shoulder
Chicken grilled


Homemade ricotta & spinach ravioli

Pomodoro sauce and cream

Egg tagliatelle with ragu bolognese
Gnocchi semolina soufflé au gratin


Grilled salmon

With broccoli, red peppers and sautéed aubergines

Grilled catch of the day

With mashed potatoes, capers, spinach leaves and roasted lemon

Pot & kitchen

Breaded tenderloin - milanese

With tagliatelle or salad

Pine and portobellos mushrooms risotto


rench fries
Baked potatoes with herbs
Pumpkin puree
Mashed potatoes
Red and white cabbage, onion, pumpkin and baked zuzhinni
Creamed spinach


Ensalada de pollo crocante y calabaza asada.
Ensalada Caprese

Mix of green leaves, tomato and onion

Green salad

Mix of green leaves with herbs herbs and radish

Arugula with parmesan cheese


Key lime pie
Cheese and sweets sampler
Homemade custard:

With caramel (Dulce de leche) and cream

Bread pudding

With caramel (Dulce de leche) and cream

Dulce de leche warm pancake

With banana ice cream

Don Pedro

Ice cream crispy walnuts and wiskey

Mendocine pears boiled in Malbec

Red wine with vanilla ice-cream

Ice cream sundae:

With red fruits and ice-cream


Sparkling water
Regular water
Soft drinks
Naturals juices
Grolsch bottle 500 cl
Heineken bottle
Miller bottle
Kunstmann Toroballe can 500 cl
Imperial bottle 1 L
Coffee large