Filet mignon beef carpaccio

Marinated in herbs, flowers, olive oil and balsamic, parmesano cheese, dijon mustard and pickles side.

Pure pork “Choripán”

Pure pork chorizo in sourdough bread, tomatoe, lettuce, chimichurri and criolla sauce.

Meat knife cut “Empanada” subtle lemon and brava sauce
Roquefort & mozarella cheese “Empanada” with pepper and caramelized onion
Capresse salad & prusciutto

With candied tomatoes, buffalo mozzarella bocconcini, basil coulis and prosciutto.

Grilled eggplant

With cucumber, cherry tomatoes, cilantro, tahine, black olives and balsamic.

Vegan quinoa and chickpea salad

With tomato, parsley, cucumber, carrots, red onion, black olives and greek vinaigrette.

Soup of the day

Main Course

Traditional sirloin steak 400gr

Baked potatoes & chimichurri sauces.

Rose meat pork and roasted sweet potato.
Breaded tenderloin - milanese with baked potatoes and Dijon moustard
Crispy chicken milanese and baked vegetables
Slowed cooked veal cheek and creamy potato
Catch of the day

With mashed potatoes, fresh spinach and capers

Gnocchi soufle au gratin blue cheese, parmesan, gruyere & pepato sauce
Ham and mozzarella sorrentines with tomato, basil and black olives sauce
Tagliatelle al huevo con ragu bolognese


Homemade custard with dulce de leche (Argentine milk caramel) and whipped cream
Warm Pancake with dulce de leche (Argentine milk caramel)
“Perito Moreno” Americana ice-cream with blackberries, red berry and crushed meringue
Mendocine pears boiled in Malbec red wine with vanilla ice cream
Bread pudding with cream and dulce de leche (Argentine milk caramel)
Cheese and Sweet “Vigilante”: Cuartirolo cheese & sweet potatoes or sweet quince
Coffee and tea